How is COVID-19 changing the shape of touchscreen technology and its counterparts?

28 Oct: How is COVID-19 changing the shape of touchscreen technology and its counterparts?

As companies continue to reopen and assess what they need to do to remain viable in the post pandemic environment, Dean Ward, founder and CTO at Evoke Creative looks at how the self-service kiosk market has to step up to the plate, develop products quickly and try different approaches, in order to meet the changing needs of consumers – if not the world.

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08 Oct: Why banks should invest in alternative channels during COVID-19 pandemic

Alternative banking channels such as self-service machines have encouraged banks to reimagine traditional banking and explore alternatives that blend physical and digital experiences to provide all types of banking services 24/7. Duha Faidi, Marketing Manager at Sedco investigates the experiences involved for customers to pre-stage a banking service on their phone, finish it through a self-service kiosk or carry out day-to-day transactions inside the branch. READ MORE…

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07 Oct: LED or digital device? It’s all about communication

Digital screens and networks are the tools we use to communicate with. A screen on your desk or your smart device helps you communicate with others, while a display on the roadside, at a bus stop or in a shopping mall helps others communicate with you.

Independent LED consultant, Bob Kronman takes a look into the digital relationship that’s now more important than ever.


06 Oct: How technology can help bring back customers to the physical store

The surge in online shopping, accelerated by the COVID-19 outbreak, has left many retailers fearing for the future of the bricks and mortar store. However it appears that the pandemic has not killed the highstreet just yet – rather, increased health and safety measures could be helping to shape the future of the retail store. Tim Matthews, Product Manager, Vestel looks at how through the increased presence of technology could help. READ MORE…

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02 Sep: Do not touch – making touchscreens contactless

With contactless technology proving invaluable during the current coronavirus pandemic, for many businesses the only option for taking a customer’s initial order without face-to-face contact is a touchscreen, potentially spreading infection. Could the latest audio technology provide a contactless solution?
AudioTelligence takes a look at the latest options available incorporating audio technology to avoid touching a touchscreen.

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01 Sep: Necessity is the mother of invention

The online world has been a saviour throughout lockdown when it comes to essential and non-essential retail shopping as well as accessing essential services, not to mention enabling mass working from home. But as we gradually return to a more normal way of life, further innovation is required.
Leading kiosk providers are rising to the challenge to help facilitate the transition from lockdown to the ‘new normal’ way of life. Stefano Lai at Pyramid Computer GmbH looks at how the latest kiosk solutions can help with a safe return to work post coronavirus lockdown.


25 Aug: Securing Public Spaces

When it comes to kiosks or other self-service solutions, security is a much-discussed topic amongst manufacturers, integrators and kiosk deployers.

Self-service kiosks are currently deployed as access control systems in different shapes and sizes. They are used to prevent self-service losses in the retail sector, provide exit checks at for example parking lots or as visitor management kiosks to facilitate the check-in process at hotels or businesses. This article by Pan Oston looks at how kiosks are being deployed to enhance security systems.

Tech at the heart of retail recovery

20 Aug: Tech at the heart of retail recovery

Putting tech at the heart of retail recovery

Technology to highlight activity in stores isn’t something new. It’s something we have seen more and more of in UK retail outlets as they compete with online retailers for sales and rely on visual content to draw the shoppers in. Previously this may have been focused primarily on deals and aesthetics. The focus shift for many will now be to highlight effectively the actions taken to keep customers safe, the requests being made to support this effort and the justifications for both.

Josh Bunce, CEO of INURFACE Group takes a view on how retailers, big and small, must embrace technology if we are to recover from the impact of COVID-19.