03 Dec: Zero Contact Sign-in Systems: An overview of methods
With the introduction of the UK’s official Test and Trace app, businesses in the hospitality sector became legally obliged to offer at least two sign in methods for their customers. Gwil Goode and Andrew Long, co-founders of visitor management company, Welcm, offer an overview of techniques to build a contact free sign in system for bars, restaurants and places of work that is also GDPR compliant. READ MORE…
04 Nov: COVID-19: The importance of safe cash transactions to ensure payment choice

Amid the panic buying and empty supermarket shelves at the start of the pandemic, local shops saw a big increase in the number of customers. Some local stores can only accept cash, and while the level of cash use differs from county to country, it is clear that despite advancing technologies driving the rise in both mobile and electronic payments, cash is still by far the most widely used form of payment globally. Marcus Tiedt, Sales & Marketing Director, Innovative Technology takes a look at how customers can still pay businesses with cash in times of crisis.

03 Nov: Four ways the AV industry will influence the trajectory of Covid-19

Not since 9/11 has the business world faced such an abrupt pause, followed by an uncertain future. In the case of this pandemic, how the future plays out will be dictated largely by viral spread, and our collective response to that threat. While much of the future is unknown, Jeff Hastings from BrightSign Inc ventures at some reasonable assumptions about what lies ahead for the AV industry as the world grapples with and ultimately emerges from COVID-19.

08 Oct: Why banks should invest in alternative channels during COVID-19 pandemic

Alternative banking channels such as self-service machines have encouraged banks to reimagine traditional banking and explore alternatives that blend physical and digital experiences to provide all types of banking services 24/7. Duha Faidi, Marketing Manager at Sedco investigates the experiences involved for customers to pre-stage a banking service on their phone, finish it through a self-service kiosk or carry out day-to-day transactions inside the branch. READ MORE…

Physical stores have faced unprecedented challenges this year and many are attempting one last clawback of revenue. What they are recognising is a need for change - not only to survive the pandemic, but to come out of it stronger and well-positioned for retail’s evolved landscape. Nate Burke, CEO and founder of digital marketing and ecommerce specialist Diginius. explains why he thinks retailers should utilise AI to lessen the brand identity gap. READ MORE...
Zytronic’s patented multitouch projected capacitive technology (MPCT) with object recognition has been selected for integration into interactive tables in Thailand. The 55in touchscreen, which is being used as a real-estate marketing asset in Bangkok, enables property buyers to virtually visit apartments at Singha Estates’ prestigious ESSE Asoke condominium development. READ MORE…
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